Buckeye 13315 Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Chemical

Buckeye 13315 Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Chemical

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Buckeye 13315 Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Chemical

Buckeye 13315 Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Chemical

Buckeye American Made Since 1968

For over four decades Buckeye Fire
Equipment has been an international
leader in the development and
manufacture of reliable fire protection

A privately owned and operated company
with its headquarters near Charlotte, NC,
Buckeye Fire Equipment has earned an
excellent reputation for quality, reliability
and value within the commercial and
industrial fire protection industry.

We offer a complete line of handheld and
wheeled fire extinguishers, extinguishing
agents, fire suppressing foam concentrates
& hardware and pre-engineered kitchen
suppression systems.

To ensure our distributors and customers
get the highest quality fire protection
equipment, all of our products undergo
rigorous testing, both in-house and by
third party testing organizations such as
Underwriters Laboratories, U.L. Canada,
Factory Mutual, ASME and the U.S.

We are committed to helpful and responsive
customer service and knowledgeable
and dependable technical support. This
commitment has earned Buckeye Fire
Equipment the coveted ISO 9001-2008
Quality Certification.

Contact us for more information about the
wide selection of Buckeye Fire Equipment
Company products and services. We have
trained personnel who are ready to assist
you with your fire protection needs.

Selection Guide To provide the best protection of life and property from fire, it is critical that the proper extinguisher selection be made. The classification and rating of an extinguisher are vital pieces of information for making this selection. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established the requirements for the number, size, placement, performance and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. These requirements are contained in NFPA 10, “Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers”. Within this standard it is stated that the selection of fire extinguishers for a given situation is determined by the following:
• the character and size of the fires anticipated to be encountered.
• the construction and occupancy of the property to be protected.
• the ambient temperature of the area where the extinguisher will be located.
• other factors that may dictate the selection of a particular type of extinguisher.

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