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Small Businesses & Fire

Fire Suppression System for Small Businesses is a necessity to protect your employees, data and property. When it comes to Fire Suppression System for Small Businesses, you have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep your employees safe. Fire safety is one way in which you do this, and it’s an important one.

If you own a business, no matter how large or small it may be, you are legally obligated to understand and follow fire safety laws. However, many business owners don’t understand fire safety laws to the fullest extent. Learn about the five key things your small business should be doing to keep your property, employees, and customers safe from fire dangers.

About Building Fire Exits

If there is a fire, you need to be sure your employees and customers have a way to get out of your building. OSHA requires that all workplace buildings have at least two fire exits that are not located in close proximity to each other that can be used in a fire emergency. This can be a door, window, or other space large enough for a person to crawl through and access the outdoors. OSHA also requires that you keep those fire exits clear. The only thing that is allowed to block or delay the opening of a fire door is an approved alarm system that is part of the fire door’s design. Also, exit routes from the buildings need to be free of any obstructions. Finally, all exit routes must be clearly marked with lighted exit signs.

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers Services

Fire extinguishers sit in your workplace or home day after day “just in case” but, of course, you hope you will never have to use one! Find out how we can help you with inspections and certifications, maintenance programs, hydrostatic testing, or the purchase of new & refurbished extinguishers.

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Workshop Services

Fire Safety Supply is a DOT requalification facility. Let us take care of your shopwork for you. We offer shop services for system cartridges, cylinders, fire extinguishers, and more with a 1 to 2 week-turnaround time depending on the volume and delivery location for your shopwork.

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Fire Simulator Training

The ANSUL® Fire Simulator is a cutting-edge tool providing ultra-realistic, hands-on fire extinguisher training. It’s the next best thing to attending world-renowned ANSUL fire school because it challenges both veterans and first-time operators in a variety of situations. The patented system is versatile and modular.

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Fire Safety Resources

Welcome to your Resource Center! Below are various pages that may assist you from common questions about our products and services, videos, safety data sheets, books, manuals, and schematics. If you are looking for other type of information, do not hesitate to call our office in California at 1-800-498-3473.