Dual Regulator Field Replacement Kit Installation Instructions


Immediately after removing high pressure hose from N2 cylinder outlet, make certain safety plug is put in place in outlet. If valve is accidentally operated, velocity of unrestricted escaping gas is forceful enough to cause injury, especially about the face and head.
The quick-opening lever may be moved slightly forward, approximately 1/4 in. (6.4 mm). Forward movement in excess of 1/4in. (6.4 mm) may result in actuation of the valve.
Wheeled Units


  • Remove hose from nitrogen cylinder
  • Remove high and low pressure hoses from regulators
  • remore regulator and nipple assembly from clamp by removing cap scres
  • Install 3/8in reducing bushing into 3/8in port on nitrogen regulator
  • Install nipple assembly, Part No 3972, into 1/4in connection on next regulator, opposite safety relief. Position regulators facing opposite of each other
  • Remount regulator assembly with the regulator that has the 1/4in pipe plug on the right side, when facing the cylinder clamp
  • This regulator will face away from the extinguisher shell at an angle not to hit tank
  • Reattach hoses to regulator and nitrogen cylinders