Fire Stations

Fire Equipment for Fire Stations

The entire FSS team and their families thank you, our hero firefighters, for protecting our lives, homes, and businesses every day of the year.
No words can truly express how grateful we are for you. THANK YOU!!!

fireman walking towards fire truck and flames

As a Fire Station, you know first hand how important fire safety and preparedness are for any building. At Fire Safety Supply, we can provide you with high quality fire safety equipment for your station and the supplies you need to fight fires. If the fire safety equipment you need is for the fire house, know that we can install, maintain, and inspect them on a set schedule.


Our trained staff can come to your station to do a full review of the fire safety equipment currently in place and assess the weakness points in your fire house. We then provide you a report of recommendations to improve fire prevention and protection. We have 25+ years of experience and all our inspections and services are done per NFPA 25 and CCR Title 19 specifications.


We sell various types of fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment, alarms, signage, and more. We can also design, install, and maintain a fire suppression system and handle special hazard conditions.

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