Large Businesses & Fire

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Large Businesses & Fire

Every business relies on valuable assets that are at risk of damage from a fire when only protected by water alone.  Fire Safety for your large businesses is crucial to the future of you company. Most facilities are protected only by a pre-action sprinkler system as required by code. Sprinkler systems are great at containing a fire and ensuring life safety and structural integrity in case of a fire, but in order for these systems to release water there must be enough heat to activate the sprinkler thus the fire continues to grow causing more and more damage to your valuable assets. Once the sprinkler system releases water it rains down on other assets in close proximity causing additional damage beyond what the fire originally had done. We have innovated Fire Suppression Solutions for true added protection when you need to ensure the safety of your assets and overall business continuity.

Find out what our Fire Suppression Systems provide

Fire Suppression solutions advance safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives, improve businesses and protect people where they live and work. Fire Safety Supply installs integrated Fire Suppression solutions that do more than fight fires; they ensure customers are protected from loss of life, potentially crippling financial damages as well as loss of critical data. Our installs, maintains and upgrades a wide variety of electronic, industry-specific Fire Suppression solutions for commercial, industrial, retail, institutional and governmental customers all over Northern California. Fire Suppression solutions can be found on large marine vessels, critical data centers at financial institutions, primary schools and universities, emergency hospitals, high-hazard oil platforms, transportation networks, public works projects and world-renowned museums, among others. We know that safety and risk management are business priorities for our customers. We are passionately committed to helping them achieve their goals (including compliance with local and international fire code standards) with our Fire Suppression solutions.

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