Technical Manuals and Bulletins

R102/Pirahna PyroChem Kitchen Knight II
1) AnsulEx Data Sheet 1) Control Head Spring Replacement Instructions
2) R102 System Data Sheet 2) Instructions for Installing Collar Clamp
3) Agent Distribution Hose Data Sheet 3) Hinged-Style Fusible Link Bulletin
4) Fusible Link Data Sheet 4) Agent Dist. Hose-Proper Usage Installation Bulletin
5) Snap Switch Installation Instructions 5) HL Link Intro Bulletin
6) R102 Nozzle Coverage Summary Sheet 6) Kitchen Knight I Parts Bulletin
7) R102 Pre-UL300 Upgrade Service Bulletin 7) PyroChem Hydro-Test Instructions
8) R102 Pre-UL300 Upgrade Addendum Service Bulletin 8) Pull Station Installion Instruction
9) Alarm Initiating Switch Bulletin 9) Kitchen Knight Wet Chemical Data Sheet
10) Mild Steel Warranty Claims Bulletin 10) KKII System Data Sheet
11) Pollution Control Unit Bulletin 11) KKII Nozzle Coverage Summary Sheet
12) Regulator Date Codes Bulletin 12) Grease Lock Filter Testing Bulletin
13) Agent Distribution Hose Bulletin 13) New Stainless Steel Linkage & Fusible Link
14) Pressure Vent Installation Procedures 14) Failure of Control head to Operate Bulletin
15) CaptiveAire Electric Wet Chemical Fire System
Misc. 15) Rebuilding Valve Pressure Regulator Instructions
1) Wet Agent Clean Up Technical Bulletin 16) Installation Update for Flex Conduit
2) UL300 Upgrade General Bulletin 17) Proper Installation and Inspection of Control Heads
3) Fusible Link Date Control General Bulletin 18) Electric Gas Valve Installation
4) OEM Parts Bulletin 19) KKII Tank Hydro-Test Specifications Bulletin
5) NFPA 96 UL 300 Upgrades Bulletin 20) Hydrostatic Test Instructions
6) Dry Chemical Cleanup Bulletin Manuals/Catalogs
7) ANSUL HF Actuator Update 1) PN418087
2) Kitchen Knight II Manual
Appliance Coverages 3) Kitchen Knight I Manual
1) Henny Penny Fryer Protection Bulletin 4) PyroChem Standard Products Parts Catalog
2) R102 Non Ul Listed protection for Converyor Pizza Oven Bulletin
3) Broaster Fryer Bulletin
4) Appliance Specific Listings Not Addressed in UL 300 Bulletin
5) R102 Garlands CXBE12 Broiler Coverage Bulletin
6) R102 Imperial Model IABR-36, IABR48, and IABR-60 Gas-Radiant Char-Broiler with Wood Smoker Box and Chip Holders Bulletin
7) KKII Imperial Model IABR-36, IABR48, and IABR-60 Gas-Radiant Char-Broiler with Wood Smoker Box and Chip Holders Bulletin
8) KKII Protection for Nieco Overhead Chain Broiler
9) Grill Staging Lane Dividers

Fire Safety Supply Technical Manuals and Bulletins