All Services Offered

Main Services:

Fire Extinguishers
Fire Suppression System Services
Sprinkler System sSrvices – 5 year, ASI, QSI
Fire Hydrant Testing/servicing
Fire pump Test
Fire Simulator Training
Fire hoses
Technical support/Product Knowledge
System Cartridge Refills
Shop Services
Test Cartridge
CO2 Bottle Recharges
Fire Hose Hydrotesting
Fire Ext. Annuals/Recharges/Hydrotesting
System Bottles Recharging/Hydrotesting
Ansul R102
Ansul Pirahna
Ansul Check Fire
Ansul Saphire
Amerex KP
Amerex CPS
Pyrochem Kitchen Knight II
Pyrochem Monarch
Pyrochem FM200
Amerex VFSS
Amerex IS
Ansul A101
Field Technicians

Fire Extinguishers:

Sales and Servicing (commercial and walk in services)

Fire Suppression system servicing and installation:

Commercial Kitchen Suppression Systems, Including Food Trucks / Trailers
Industrial Dry Chemical Systems (Paint Booths, Chemical Storage, etc.)
Clean Agent Systems
Smog Hog Coverage
Vehicle Suppression Systems

Fire Sprinkler System Inspections:

5 year, Annual and Quarterly Inspections
Door Fan Testing
Fire Extinguisher Training (Simulator + Presentation)
Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Shop Technicians:

Fire Extinguisher Servicing: (ABC, K Class, D, BC, Wheeled Units, Co2, Halon, Halotron)
Hydrostatic Testing
Annual Inspections:
   * Recharging
   * Replacing Broken Parts
Cartridge Servicing:
   * Hydrostatic Testing
   * Recharging
Fire Hose Hydrostatic Testing
Fire Suppression System Drawings