Collage of different types of Fire Extinguishers Brackets

Mounting Brackets

Do fire extinguishers come with mounting brackets? Not all fire extinguishers come with their own mounting bracket so, if you plan to mount your fire extinguisher on a wall for easy access, make sure it comes with one or search for its accessories. The type of mounting bracket you will need dep...

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Cubes representing fire safety and prevention

The California Fire Code

Though we serve customers across the USA and overseas, a lot of our clients are located in California. Each state has its own fire code which sets specific regulations and best practices to prevent property damage and injuries due to fire or explosion. It also highlights rules to manage the sto...

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computers on tables in office setting

Water Fire Extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers are designed to suppress fires in Class A combustibles like wood, cloth, trash and other materials that leave an ash. These types of hazards are often found in office environments and some industrial locations, as well as warehouse and oxidizing chemical storage areas (...

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safety fire system on ceiling with logos for FSS and OSHA

Fire Safety by OSHA

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Their agency is under the supervision of the Secretary of Labor. OSHA released a 128 page-publication whose main purpose is to increase the safety of buildings' occupants. Publication 3256 explains how firefighters work and deal with...

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fire safety pull with caption this is not a drill

Fire Safety and COVID-19

Now that 2020 is behind us, many building managers and owners have come to realize that they failed to maintain the fire safety system in the commercial or residential buildings they are responsible for. This can have devastating consequences. Outdated fire equipment can fail during a fire causing ...

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cafe attendant in small business setting

Small Businesses & Fire

Fire Suppression System for Small Businesses is a necessity to protect your employees, data and property. When it comes to Fire Suppression System for Small Businesses, you have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep your employees safe. Fire safety is one way in which you do this, and it’s a...

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downtown san francisco california

Large Businesses & Fire

Every business relies on valuable assets that are at risk of damage from a fire when only protected by water alone.  Fire Safety for your large businesses is crucial to the future of you company. Most facilities are protected only by a pre-action sprinkler system as required by code. Sprinkler sys...

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fireman in front of firetruck

North Bay Fires

At FSS, we live and work in the North Bay. Many of us were born and raised here. Our children go to school here... we enjoy the Farmer's Markets... we are part of this beautiful community. Just like you, the North Bay Fires have affected our lives. We are now into the second week of firefighting...

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classroom with students raising their hand

Fire Safety in Schools

As kids, many of us participated in mandated fire drills, even sometimes rejoicing in them. When we were young, these fire drills meant extra time outside of the classroom, less time spent learning cursive, and fun visits from Sparky the Fire Dog. But the danger of fire hazards in school is a conti...

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restaurant fire suppression system

Fire Suppression System

Not all restaurants have a fire suppression system in their commercial kitchen. You may be wondering when is it necessary to have a kitchen fire suppression system installed? First and foremost, it is a safety precaution in any commercial kitchens that serve the public. In addition in some building...

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