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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are required at all businesses. The type extinguisher needed depends on the hazards present at the site. Fire Safety Supply offers free surveys to help you decipher what type of protection is needed and the quantity of extinguishers you will need on site, Keep in mind that once you have them, they still require servicing. We can do it all, from providing you with new extinguishers to performing the necessary maintenance to keep you compliant.

Fire Suppression System services
Fire suppression systems need servicing every six months and tanks are required to be hydro tested at specific intervals.

Note: Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems are piped to cover the appliance you have at the time the system is installed. Did you make any changes to the lineup in your kitchen? Give us call we will go out and let you know if you need a re-pipe. We will make sure your system is compliant and up to date.
Sprinkler System services-5 year, ASI, QSI Sprinkler systems are required to have maintenance’s preformed on them every 5 years in the state if California. Some jurisdictions with in California may also require you to have quarterly and annual inspections performed as well.
Fire Hydrant Testing
Fire pump Test

Fire Simulator Training

In case of a fire, would you know how to properly use a fire extinguisher?
We offer a fire simulator class which will put you in that exact situation. You will get to hold and feel a real fire extinguisher and go through the steps of putting out a fire. You will be surprised how many people think they will extinguish that fire on the first try and how many actually don’t. Practice makes perfect.

Emergency Exit Light

Most buildings require exit and emergency lighting. These lights activate automatically when a building loses power to light up corridors at exits. These lights must be tested annually.
Overall there are many types of equipment that require maintenance and specific times. Who has time to track it all.. Let us take care of all your servicing needs and we will follow up with you when you are due for a service.