RED LINE Cartridge-Operated Extinguisher Mounting Devices Heavy Duty/Vehicle Brackets

The heavy duty/vehicle brackets have been created to provide reliable service in the more rugged applications such as all external mounts on vehicles and all mounts on larger equipment, both over-the-road and off-road.The brackets are constructed of heavy gauge steel with standard or corrosion resistant baked-on powder paint. Tough resilient pads are firmly attached to the clamp arm and the bracket base to provide two points of restraint for outstanding extinguisher security. The toggle action clamp arm is adjustable so that the best fit may be maintained throughout the bracket’s long life. As with all ANSUL brackets, the extinguisher may be removed or replaced in the bracket quickly and easily. Holes are provided for mounting the bracket by the back plate or by the base.

Part No
30886Model 10, Standard Finish
30759Model 20, Standard Finish
30889Model 30, Standard Finish
53344Model 10, CR Finish
53362Model 20, CR Finish
53370Model 30, CR Finish
MODEL 10 BracketMODEL 20 BracketMODEL 30 Bracket