Red Line Cartridge-Operated Extinguisher Mounting Devices

These wall hangers and brackets offer varying amounts of restraint and support for RED LINE® cartridge operated extinguishers. This makes them valuable for the following reasons:Location and Compliance – A hanger or bracket establishes a proper location for the extinguisher; there is less tendency to move it out of the way. Certain regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, require that extinguishers be mounted at certain locations and specified heights from the floor.

Accessibility – Extinguishers are more visible and more accessible when raised from the floor by a mounting device.

Protection – Extinguishers which are allowed to sit on the floor (or ground) are more likely to be bumped by mobile equipment, knocked over by pedestrian traffic, and subjected to rust damage at the base. They are also a greater danger to pedestrian traffic than properly mounted extinguishers.



These devices are attached to walls or other stationary, vertical surfaces, for indoor vertical mounting of cartridge-operated hand portable fire extinguishers.

Wall hangers are made of steel and are either cadmium plated or zinc plated. Each cartridge operated extinguisher has a slot which mates with the wall hanger for quick and easy extinguisher hanging or removal.

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