Restaurant Systems

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 RSGasCartridges101-10 RSGasCartridges101-20
Part No Description
Carbon Dioxide, 101-10, (DOT)
Carbon Dioxide, 101-10, (TC)
Carbon Dioxide, 101-20, (DOT/TC)
Carbon Dioxide, 101-20, (DOT/Recharge)
Carbon Dioxide, 101-30, (DOT/TC)
Carbon Dioxide, 101-30, (DOT/Recharge)
Nitrogen, LT-20-R, (RHT), (DOT/TC)
Nitrogen, LT-20-R, (RHT), (DOT Recharged)
Nitrogen, LT-30-R, (RHT), (DOT/TC)
Nitrogen, LT-30-R, (RHT), (DOT Recharged)
Nitrogen, R-102 Double Tank, (DOT/TC)
Nitrogen, R-102 Double Tank, (DOT Recharged)
423491 Nitrogen, LT-A-101-30, (DOT/TC)
29187 Nitrogen, LT-A-101-30, (DOT Recharged)
RSGasCartridges101-30 RSGasCartridgesLT-20-R
RSGasCartridgeLT-30-R RSGasCartridgeR-102DoubleTank

R-102 Nozzles

RSR-102Nozzles1N RSR-102Nozzles1W
Part No Description
419346 1N nozzles with cap
419347 1W nozzles with cap
419345 1/2N nozzles with cap
419348 2W nozzles with cap
73830 2WH nozzle with cap
419349 3N nozzles with cap
419350 230 nozzles with cap
419351 245 nozzles with cap
419352 260 nozzles with cap
419353 290 nozzles with cap
419354 2120 nozzles with cap
419344 1F nozzles with cap






RSR-102Nozzles1_2N RSR-102Nozzles2W
RSR-102Nozzles2WH RSR-102Nozzles3N RSR-

102Nozzles230 RSR-102Nozzles245
RSR-102Nozzles260 RSR-102Nozzles290 RSR-102Nozzles2120 RSR-102Nozzles1F

Piranha Nozzles

RSPiranhaNozzlesAP RSPiranhaNozzlesDL
Part No Description
423482 AP Apliance/Plenum Nozzle
426092 DL Duct/Low Proximity Nozzle
434950 AP Nozzle, Stainless Steel
434951 DL Nozzle, Stainless Steel

Nozzle Blow-Off Caps, Adaptors and Aiming Devices

Part No Description
77695 Rubber Blow-Off Caps, 50 Pack
418569 Swivel Adaptor
423572 Swivel Adaptor
431992 Nozzle Aiming Device, Restaurant Assembly
551265 Nozzle Aiming Device Only
431186 Nozzle Aiming Device Adaptor Only
551269 Replacement Battery for 551265
433208 CB Metal Blow-Off Cap
434707 Stainless Steel CB Metal Blow-Off Cap






Pulley Elbows and Tee

Part No Description
423251 Pulley Elbow, Compression Type
415670 Pulley Elbow, Set Screw Type
427929 Pulley Tee
436063 Conduit Offset Assembly
RSPulleyElbowsandTee412671 RSPulleyElbowsandTee427929 RSPulleyElbowsandTee436063

Mechanical Sealing



Part No Description
78196 Adaptor, 1/4 in Quick Seal
77285 Adaptor, 3/8 in Quick Seal
77287 Adaptor, 1/2 in Quick Seal
77289 Adaptor, 3/4 in Quick Seal
79149 Adaptor, 1/4 in Pipe Compression-Seal
79151 Adaptor, 3/8 in Pipe Compression-Seal
79147 Adaptor, 1/2 in Pipe Compression-Seal
79153 Adaptor, 1/2 in EMT Compression-Seal
423253 Hood Seal Adaptor Assembly



Part No Description
EMT Conduit Adaptor 1/2 Compression Fitting
435547 Scissors Linkage, Series (Stainless Steel)
435548 Scissors Linkage, Series
435546 Scissors Linkage, Terminal (Stainless Steel)
435545 Scissors Linkage Only
RSDetectors435547 RSDetectors435546 RSDetectors435545

Fusible Links

RSFusibleLink415739 RSFusibleLink415740
Part No Description
415739 165 Degree Fusible Link (K-Style)
415740 212 Degree Fusible Link (K-Style)
415744 280 Degree Fusible Link (K-Style)
415745 360 Degree Fusible Link (K-Style)
415746 450 Degree Fusible Link (K-Style)
551522 165 Degree Fusible Link (ML Style)
551523 212 Degree Fusible Link (ML Style)
551524 280 Degree Fusible Link (ML Style)
551525 360 Degree Fusible Link (ML Style)
551526 450 Degree Fusible Link (ML Style)
73867 500 Degree Fusible Link (ML Style)
24916 Test links







RSFusibleLink415744 RSFusibleLink415745
RSFusibleLink415746 RSFusibleLink551522 RSFusibleLink551523 RSFusibleLink551524
RSFusibleLink551525 RSFusibleLink551526 RSFusibleLink73867 RSFusibleLink24916

Gas Shut-Off Equipment

RSGasShut-OffEquipment55598 RSGasShut-OffEquipment55601
Part No Description
55598 Gas Valve, Mechanical
3/4in ANSUL
55601 Gas Valve, Mechanical
55604 Gas Valve, Mechanical
1-1/4in ANSUL
55607 Gas Valve, Mechanical
1-1/2in ANSUL
55610 Gas Valve, Mechanical
25937 Gas Valve, Mechanical
2-1/2in ASCO
25938 Gas Valve, Mechanical
3in ASCO
Air Cylinder and Tubing
(for mechanical gas valves)
Gas Valve Cover Replacement
(Cover, Label, and 2 Screws)
13707 Gas Valve, Electrical
(110V, 60Hz) 3/4in
13708 Gas Valve, Electrical
(110V, 60Hz) 1in
13709 Gas Valve, Electrical
(110V, 60Hz) 1-1/2in
13710 Gas Valve, Electrical
(110V, 60Hz) 2in
17643 Gas Valve, Electrical
(110V, 60Hz) 3in
426151 Relay, Manual Reset
(120V, 60 Hz)
426890 Gas Valve Conversion Kit
550360 Gas Valve, Electrical
(110V, 60Hz) 1-1/4in
550363 Gas Valve, Electrical1
(10V, 60Hz) 2-1/2in


RSGasShut-OffEquipment55604 RSGasShut-OffEquipment55607
RSGasShut-OffEquipment55610 RSGasShut-OffEquipment25937
RSGasShut-OffEquipment25938 RSGasShut-OffEquipment15733
RSGasShut-OffEquipment433286 RSGasShut-OffEquipment13707
RSGasShut-OffEquipment550360 RSGasShut-OffEquipment13709
RSGasShut-OffEquipment550363 RSGasShut-OffEquipment17643
 RSGasShut-OffEquipment426151  RSGasShut-OffEquipment426890

Remote Pull



RSRemotePullStationAccessories427074 RSRemotePullStationAccessories24915
Part No Description
427074 Trim Ring, Aluminum
24915 Break Rod (for use with 54011)
415317 Break Away Seal
434618 Pull Station without Rope
435960 Pull Staion with Rope
435725 Bearing and Bolts
435726 Pull Tabs






RSRemotePullStationAccessories415317 RSRemotePullStationAccessories434618
RSRemotePullStationAccessories435960 C435725

Wire Rope

RSWireRope15821 RSWireRope79653
Part No Description
15821 Wire Rope, 50ft (15m)
79653 Wire Rope, 500ft (152m)

Flexible Conduit

RSFlexibleConduit434525 RSFlexibleConduit434347
Part No Description
434525 Flexible Conduit, 500ft (152.4m)
435979 Strain Relief
434347 Flexible Conduit Insert
79827 1/2in Compression Union
436150 P-Clip
RSFlexibleConduit435979 RSFlexibleConduit79827 RSFlexibleConduit436150

Electrical Switches

Part No Description
423878 Switch, Electric, SPDT, 1 Switch
423879 Switch, Electric, DPDT, 1 Switch
423880 Switch, Electric, 3PDT, 1 Switch
423881 Switch, Electric, 4PDT, 1 Switch
428311 Alarm Initiating Switch, SPDT



Spare Parts and


RSSpareParts31809 RSSpareParts32335 RSSpareParts32336
Part No Description
31809 Actuation Hose, Stainless Braided, 16in
32335 Actuation Hose, Stainless Braided, 20in
32336 Actuation Hose, Stainless Braided, 24in
430815 Actuation Hose, Stainless Braided, 42in
Adapter, Mal Straight,
1/16-20 Flare x 1/4 in NPT
Branch Tee, Male,
7/16-20 Flare x 1/4 in NPT
Elbow, Male,
7/16-20 Flare x 1/4 in NPT
56972 Regulator Test Kit
Regulator, R-102,
Pressure Tested (110psi)
68800 Vent Plug
416970 Bursting Disc Union Assembly (R-102)
417911 Bursting Disc (R-102)
78112 Silicone Sealant, 5.3oz Tube
79656 Flushing Concentrate
418511 Hose/Grommet Package
197 Seal, Lead Wire
14985 Lock Bar
14995 Cocking Lever
15618 Cocking Lever with Lock Bar
416018 Cocking Lever, Mechanical Gas Valve
15240 Thermometer, 50°C (260°F)
550122 Oval Sleeves
24919 Stop Sleeves
24920 Split Bolt Connectors
434528 Multitone Strobe, 115V
435603 Cocking Lever, Short
435790 Cocking Lever with Cock Bar
435982 Discharge Hose and Tether Kit
436228 3/8in x 1/2in Reducing Coupling
3923 Cartridge Scale and Hook
75382 Cartridge Scale and Hook for LT-A-101-30
415139 Multiple Hood Label Package
417459 Fire Emergency Nameplate (English/Spanish)
418538 New York City MEA Label (R-102)
78942 Cable Lug Replacement for ANSUL AUTOMAN Release
RSSpareParts430815 RSSpareParts32338 RSSpareParts31811
 RSSpareParts31810 RSSpareParts56972 RSSpareParts416970
RSSpareParts417911 RSSpareParts79318 RSSpareParts68800
 RSSpareParts78112 RSSpareParts79656 RSSpareParts418511
RSSpareParts197 RSSpareParts14985 RSSpareParts14995
RSSpareParts15618 RSSpareParts416018 RSSpareParts24920
RSSpareParts15240 RSSpareParts435603 RSSpareParts436228
RSSpareParts24919 RSSpareParts435982 RSSpareParts550122
RSSpareParts434528 RSSpareParts3923 RSSpareParts75382
 RSSpareParts415139 RSSpareParts417459  RSSpareParts418538


Part No Description
426022 Manual, K-GUARD, Model LA-0191
79973 Manual, R-102 (Pre UL-300)
418127 Owner’s Guide, R-102
24789 Certification Form, R-102
24790 Installation Design Sheet, R-102
78410 McDonald’s System Checklist
78411 McDonald’s Instruction Sheet