Sentry Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Parts

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MODELS A10I, PK10I, C10I, A20I, PK20I, C20I


DescriptionPart No
Valve Assembly, 10 lb Models429088
Valve Assembly, 20 lb Models429089
1Valve Body, Plated428434
2Tube, Pick-Up, 10 lb Models428797
2Tube, Pick-Up, 20 lb Models428799
3O-Ring (Pick-up Tube)76076
4Valve Stem Assembly (Brass)428432
4Valve Stem with O-Ring Assembly428432
8Gauge, Pressure56776
9Lever, Operating428428
10Handle, Carrying428429
12Ring Pin and Chain16234
13Pull Pin (Ring Pin)16235
14Seal, Visual Inspection25940
15Hose & Nozzle Assembly, A10I/C10I428733
15Hose & Nozzle Assembly, PK10I428735
15Hose & Nozzle Assembly, A20I428737
15Hose & Nozzle Assembly, PK20I428739
16Hose Retainer427995
17Hanger Hook428223
18Nameplate, Oper & Maint w/o ULwebpage
19Adaptor Assembly, Recharge429642
MODELS SY-0614-B, SY-1014-B, SY-1024-B,

SY-1034-B, SY-2014-B, SY-2024-B, SY-2034-B

DescriptionPart No
1Valve Assembly, 6lb Models 416984
1Valve Assembly, 10 lb Models 416985
1Valve Assembly, 20 lb Models 416986
2Valve Body, Machined 416980
3Tube, Pick-Up N/A
4Valve Stem Assembly (Brass) 416033
5O-Ring 11873
6Spring 29256
7Quad Ring 16222
8Gauge, Pressure 56776
9Lever, Operating N/A
10Handle, Carrying 415025
11Rivet N/A
12Ring Pin and Chain 16234
13Pull Pin (Ring Pin) 16235
14Seal, Visual Inspection 25940
15Hose & Nozzle Assembly, SY-0614-B 417013
15 Hose & Nozzle Assembly, SY-1014-B, SY-1034-B 417015
15 Hose & Nozzle Assembly, SY-1024-B 417016
15 Hose & Nozzle Assembly, SY-2034-B 417017
15 Hose & Nozzle Assembly, SY-2024-B 417018
15 Hose & Nozzle Assembly, SY-2014-B 417738
16 Hose Clip 32422
17 Locking Cable, 6 & 10 lb Models 30636
17 Locking Cable, 20 lb Models 30935
18 Hanger Hook, 10 lb Models 76205
19 Nameplate, Oper & Maint w/o UL/ULC webpage
20 Adaptor Assembly, Recharge 16246
21 O-Ring 6263
 Inspection Record Tag (Not Shown) 2364