Commercial Kitchen Fires

Commercial Kitchen Fires

In the USA alone, there are over 8,000 commercial kitchen fires each year. They cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damages sometimes causing a complete loss of the business. At times, the consequences are even more dreadful causing injuries to people and even death.

The most common causes for a commercial kitchen fires are as follows:

  • Open flames on a stove with flammable material left too close to the flames.
  • Cooking oil spilling over and catching on fire especially from deep fryers or while cooking like the photo you see below.
  • Other type of combustible material not being protected or stored properly.
  • Grease on walls or inside exhaust vents catching on fire from a spark or extreme heat.
  • Electrical kitchen appliances with faulty electrical cords or other unmaintained issues.

Unlike what you may see in a movie, it is rarely intentional. Accidents happen even in the most prepared kitchen environments. What we can do at Fire Safety Supply is to assist you is provide a complete Fire Suppression System that will put out the fire as soon as possible and prevent it from spreading to other rooms or buildings. We also sell all necessary fire safety parts that need replacement from time to time.

Stopping the flames immediately is key to preventing a commercial fire disaster.

Recently, a grease fire started in an oven in Ventura County and caused damages to a restaurant. Luckily, the building remained intact and did not spread to nearby businesses. But now, the clean-up must start which often includes dealing with an insurance company, laying off employees while the necessary repairs are done, buying new appliances, and possibly more safety inspections at the facility in the future.

Here is a Research Report by NFPA that discusses Structure Fires in Eating and Drinking Establishments. Though it may be a few years old, it contains great information and is an eye opener.

Let’s make sure it is not your business next time!

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