Mounting Brackets

Collage of different types of Fire Extinguishers Brackets

Mounting Brackets

Do fire extinguishers come with mounting brackets? Not all fire extinguishers come with their own mounting bracket so, if you plan to mount your fire extinguisher on a wall for easy access, make sure it comes with one or search for its accessories. The type of mounting bracket you will need depends on the type of surface it will be mounted on. Would it be secured on a drywall, wood, plastic, or metal surface? If you are not sure, please contact us and we can help you select the correct brackets.

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Keep in mind that if the fire extinguisher you want to mount on a wall is not pressurized, it will need to be stored upright at all time. In such case, a mounting bracket is very important as it will prevent the extinguisher from falling and possibly becoming deactivated.

Having a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall is great for several reasons. It prevents the extinguisher from being moved around, damaged, or lost. Imagine having to search for it in case of a fire. It also makes it easy therefore faster to reach and, as you know, time is of the essence when you need a fire extinguisher.

Some of the larger size extinguishers cannot be mounted and require wheels to move them to the location of the fire. Those heavier extinguishers often come equipped with their own mount but, if you are not sure, contact us first.

As always, if you have any questions about this subject matter, call our team at 800-498-FIRE (3473).