Fire Simulator Training

Person using a fire extinguishers during a Fire Simulator Training

Fire Simulator Training

In case of a fire, would you or your staff know how to properly use a fire extinguisher or what actions to take to prevent the fire from spreading farther?

As we all know, there is nothing better than being prepared for emergency situations like an unexpected fire. Practice makes perfect but, for most businesses, little has been done to prepare their staff on what to do and what not to do in case of a fire in the office or building.

Organizing a fire safety plan and training does not have to be complicated. For most, we recommend dedicating an employee to prepare the plan, share it with the entire staff, be a point of contact should anyone have questions, and hire the professional services of a fire simulator team like ours. We have extensive experience in preparing teams of all sizes and types in fire situation and we would love to help you.

Our fire simulator class puts your employees in a life like fire situation. Each member will learn how to hold and use a real fire extinguisher. This alone can be lifesaving at work and in their personal lives! We go through the steps of putting out a simple fire and explain the actions that should be taken and those that should not be taken. The safety of the employees is of the utmost importance as well as the steps to prevent a fire from spreading to the entire building (when that is a safe option) or slowing down the spread of fire until the fire trucks arrive. You will be surprised how many people think they will extinguish that fire on the first try and how many actually don’t. Again that experience can only come with a proper fire simulation training.

We are just a phone call away at 800-498-FIRE (3473). Do not wait until a fire happens, contact us today!