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79694 ANSULEX Low pH Wet Chemical Agent, 1.5 Gallon (5.7 L) (UL/ULC)


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79694 ANSULEX Low pH Wet Chemical Agent, 1.5 Gallon (5.7 L) (UL/ULC)

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About this product

  • Fast Flame Knock Down and securement of grease-related fires
  • Provides a cooling effect which further enhances its ability to prevent reflash
  • Ease of recharge and post-fire cleanup
  • Non-Corrosive

When used in the ANSUL R-102 restaurant system, ANSULEX Low pH Liquid Fire Suppressant is extremely effective on fires in restaurant ventilating equipment – hoods and ductwork, deep-fat fryers, griddles, range tops, and several types of broilers and char-broilers.


ANSULEX Low pH Liquid Fire Suppressant  is designed for use only in ANSUL R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems. This “liquid” agent will combat grease-related fires. It should not be used for fires involving energized electrical hazards.

Post-fire cleanup can be done by flushing the area with water or steam.

Ordering Information

451410  1.6 Gallon (6 Liter) ANSULEX Low pH Recharge Container for K-Class
79694 1.5 Gallon (5.7 L) ANSULEX Low pH Wet Chemical Agent
79373 3 Gallon (11.4 L) ANSULEX Low pH Wet Chemical Agent

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Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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