What does SPILL-X Do?

What does SPILL-X Do?

What does SPILL-X Do?

Chemical spillages pose a grave danger to both human health and the environment. SPILL-X offers cost-effective, quick, and secure treatment agents for chemical spills. It is also an economical alternative to traditional spill prevention methods.

SPILL-X agents work to neutralize, solidify and/or absorb hazardous materials in the event of chemical spillages. Different agents are available for different kinds of spillages: SPILLX-XA for mineral and organic acids spills; SPILLX-C for caustic or organic base spillages; SPILLX-S for common hydrocarbon solvents/fuel spills; and SPILLX-FP for formaldehyde leaks.

What does SPILL-X Do?
What does SPILL-X Do?
  • SPILLX-A-C and SPILLX-C neutralize acid and base spills. The process of neutralizing a hazardous waste entails adding a substance that will not react with it, making it less dangerous. 
  • SPILL-XA adds a base to neutralize mineral and organic acid spillages. The acid reacts with the base, creating a neutralized salt that isn’t harmful. 
  • SPILL-XC adds an acid to neutralize organic and caustic base spillages. The acid reacts with the base to form a neutralized salt, which is not harmful.
  • SPILL-X-S works to absorb hydrocarbon solvents as well as fuel spills. Adsorption refers to the act of trapping the molecules of a substance in the treatment agent. SPILL-XS is a substance that attracts and binds to the hydrocarbon molecules present in the spill. The treatment agent traps the molecules within the spill, making cleanup easier and preventing it from spreading.
  • SPILL-XFP solidifies formaldehyde spray. Solidification refers to the transformation of a liquid substance into a solid mass that can safely be disposed of.

SPILL-X offers many spill kits to deal with different types of chemical spillages. Spill kits include absorbent pads, socks and bags that all work together to contain the spill and clean it up.

Select the right SPILLX treatment agent or spill kits based on the nature of the spill. After the treatment agent or kit has been applied to the spillage, the hazardous material can be solidified, neutralized, and/or adsorbed. Once the hazardous substance is contained, it can safely be disposed of according to local, state, or federal regulations.

SPILL-X products must only be used by qualified personnel who are familiar with hazardous materials and have the necessary training and equipment. 

SPILL-X spill kits and treatment agents are quick and safe to use. They reduce the risk of injury, so it is essential to be able to safely and effectively use these products.

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