Fire Protection for Wineries

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Fire Protection for Wineries

Protect your winery from fire


Wildfires in Northern California have always been a constant threat to the Wine Industry. Inherently, wineries carry a multitude of combustible materials that can potentially make a small fire get out of control fast.

Be protected from the unexpected and stay educated on how to best protect your winery from fire. Call Fire Safety Supply at (800) 498-3473 for more information or to schedule an evaluation of your facility.

Winery threats during the recent Northern California fires

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These past few years, wildfires raging in California have threatened some of the state’s largest wine-producing regions like Napa Valley and Sonoma County, further jeopardizing a multi-billion-dollar business already hit by drought.

The blazes always seem to come at the peak of harvest season. These recent years have burn millions of square miles in California and many in the Wine Country where we live and work. These fires have now become the trend and your winery business needs to prepare for the next wave.

We know it can be overwhelming. Our team of experts at Fire Safety Supply is here to help you set up a plan that meets your winery’s specific fire safety needs. Do not wait another day and call us at (800) 498-3473.