Fire Suppression System

restaurant fire suppression system

Fire Suppression System

Not all restaurants have a fire suppression system in their commercial kitchen. You may be wondering when is it necessary to have a kitchen fire suppression system installed? First and foremost, it is a safety precaution in any commercial kitchens that serve the public. In addition in some buildings, it can be required by your landlord and even by local, state, or federal regulations. The team at FSS can help you assess if you need one or which system is best suited for your business.

From a football stadium to fast food and school kitchens, kitchen fires can quickly burn out of control. With most fires starting on the cooking surface, having a system in place that kills the fire without shutting down the kitchen allows staff members to clean up and get back to work quickly, without customers ever knowing of the situation in the kitchen.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Suppression systems come in many different sizes and usually installed into the hood of a kitchen. This gives the installation service providers the ability to adjust the size of the system and the amount of liquid fire suppressant readily available. We understand that no two restaurants are exactly alike but that most kitchens share similar traits. Having this kind of setup installed is not difficult. It can also be customized to fit the restaurant’s unique needs.

Employee safety is a priority for employers. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide the best product in the safest manner possible. Restaurant and commercial kitchen fire suppression systems allow you to do just that, while protecting your financial and real estate investments from fire damage.

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