North Bay Fires

fireman in front of firetruck

North Bay Fires

At FSS, we live and work in the North Bay. Many of us were born and raised here. Our children go to school here… we enjoy the Farmer’s Markets… we are part of this beautiful community. Just like you, the North Bay Fires have affected our lives.

We are now into the second week of firefighting in Sonoma County with over 350,000 acres burnt. We all heard people say “Here we go again!” as a dreadful reminder of the 2017 October Fires which affected everyone. Our fabulous firefighters have been hard at work containing multiple fires and cutting through brush and trees to create natural fire barriers.

Fires are unforgiving. They leave nothing in their path. For those who lost a house in a fire, you know this is not just a building, it is home.

As an individual, what can you do to protect yourself?

First and foremost, always listen to the officials. Sign up for NIXLE notifications [text your ZIP Code to 888777 top opt-in]. If they say “Evacuate”, please evacuate so that our firefighters can better work on the fires instead of rescuing people.

Inside your home and vehicle, have fire extinguishers ready for use, regardless if this is the “fire season” or not. In truth, fires can happen on any day. Make sure to inspect them every 3 months and place them in strategic locations. For instance, consider having one in your master bedroom, kitchen, entrance, and garage. Have one in each car. If you unsure what the best fire extinguishers are for your home, simply call us at 800-498-FIRE (3473).

Outside your home, keep dry brush and trees cleared and away from any structure. If tree branches are hanging over electric wires, contact PG&E right away. Have a plan and discuss it with your spouse, children, roommates, and/or significant others.

Your life matters!

Being prepared in Fire Prevention and Protection can save your life, your family, and your home.

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