RED LINE Cartridge-Operated Extinguisher Mounting Devices Multi-Purpose Brackets

Typical applications include mounting in cabs and compartments of over-the-road light trucks and automobiles and off-shore oil platforms, sea-going vessels. These brackets are most useful where vertical mounting of the extinguisher is not possible, and where the extinguisher must be restrained. Not for high stress or external vehicle applications.
These are welded brackets, constructed of heavy gauge steel with standard finish or red corrosion-resistant baked-on powder paint. The overcenter toggle action of the clamp arm employs the closing tension to lock the arm tightly around the extinguisher while still providing quick and easy access. Resilient pads grip and support the extinguisher, minimizing movement regardless of the bracket mounting position. Holes are provided for mounting the bracket by the back plate or by the base.
RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevices14228 RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevices53337 RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevices14091
14228 53337 14091
RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevices53352 RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevices14098 RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevices53548
53352 14098 53548
Bracket Part No Description
14228 Model 10, Standard Finish
14091 Model 20, Standard Finish
14098 Model 30, Standard Finish
53337 Model 10, CR Finish
53352 Model 20, CR Finish
53548 Model 30, CR Finish
RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevicesModel10Bracket RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevicesModel20Bracket  RedLineCartridgeOperatedExtinguisherMountingDevicesModel30Bracket
MODEL 10 Bracket MODEL 20 Bracket MODEL 30 Bracket