Red Line Dry Chemical Extinguishers

Redline Fire Extinguishers

Redline Extinguishers

RED LINE®dry chemical extinguishers, also known as, Cartridge-Operated Extinguishers are designed for the protection of ordinary and high risk hazards. This hand portable extinguisher is used in industries where the occurrence or possibility of fire is high. The RED LINE extinguisher has set the standard for reliable fire protection in many industries and applications including refining, petrochemical, oil and natural gas production, mining, transportation, utilities, metal processing, paint process areas, welding areas, material storage areas and many others.

  • Rugged, durable, reliable fire protection
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum operator performance
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/UL299 and 711
  • DOTand USCG approved with proper bracket
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Maintenance checks can be easily made on every moving part
  • Field rechargeable
  • Four normal sizes (5, 10, 20 and 30) available with many options to suit your needs
  • Field replacement metal cartridge guard option available for 20 and 30 pound extinguishers.
  • Choice of dry chemical agents to satisfy specific protection requirements
  • First response fire fighting training available at the ANSUL Fire School or through trained distributors
  • Manual, parts lists and training video tapes available
  • Twelve year limited warranty

Redline Extinguisher Schematics (parts lists)

Looking for replacement parts for your Redline Extinguishers? Check out our schematics for these units. View Redline Extinguisher Parts Lists

Vehicle and Mounting Brackets

All the portable Redline Extinguishers come with a standard wall bracket. If you’re looking for a more sturdy bracket for mounting or vehicle, please see our reference sheet. Redline Extinguishers must be used with the proper bracket. View Redline Extinguisher Bracket Options

Protect Your Extinguisher (Covers)

Extinguisher Covers are available for the Redline Extinguishers. These are specially made for the particular sizes.

Ansul 67637 RED LINE 20 lb. Cover

Redline Extinguisher Covers

  • 7599 5lb Redline Extinguisher Cover
  • 67636 10lb Redline Extinguisher Cover
  • 67637 20lb Redline Extinguisher Cover
  • 67638 30lb Redline Extinguisher Cover
 5lb Redline Extinguishers
6619Extinguisher, 5 lb., Std. 5
435065Extinguisher, 5 lb., A-5-1
10082Extinguisher, 5 lb., K-5
435074Extinguisher, 5 lb., LT-A-5-1
 10lb Redline Extinguishers
435086Extinguisher, 10 lb., CR-I-A-10-G-1
418256Extinguisher, 10 lb., CR-I-K-10-G
434530Extinguisher, 10 lb., I-10-G-1
435082Extinguisher, 10 lb., I-A-10-G-1
435088Extinguisher, 10 lb., I-A-10-G-1 (Chrome Plated)
418249Extinguisher, 10 lb., I-K-10-G
435101Extinguisher, 10 lb., LT-I-A-10-G-1
434535Extinguisher, 10 lb., LT-I-K-10-G-1
434531Extinguisher, 10 lb., RP-I-10-G-1
435084Extinguisher, 10 lb., RP-I-A-10-G-1
418250Extinguisher, 10 lb., RP-I-K-10-G
 20lb Redline Extinguishers
416787Cut-A-Way, I-A-20G
447401Extinguisher, 20 lb., CR-HF-I-A-20-G-1
447403Extinguisher, 20 lb., CR-HF-I-K-20-G
434542Extinguisher, 20 lb., CR-I-20-G-1
435113Extinguisher, 20 lb., CR-I-A-20-G-1
416316Extinguisher, 20 lb., CR-I-K-20-G
435194Extinguisher, 20 lb., CR-LT-I-K-20-G-1
435148Extinguisher, 20 lb., HF-I-A-20-G-1
418467Extinguisher, 20 lb., HF-I-K-20-G
434537Extinguisher, 20 lb., I-20-G-1
435109Extinguisher, 20 lb., I-A-20-G-1
416309Extinguisher, 20 lb., I-K-20-G
434543Extinguisher, 20 lb., LT-I-20-G-1
435129Extinguisher, 20 lb., LT-I-A-20-G-1
434545Extinguisher, 20 lb., LT-I-K-20-G-1
435143Extinguisher, 20 lb., R/E, CR-LT-I-A-20-G
434538Extinguisher, 20 lb., RP-I-20-G-1
435111Extinguisher, 20 lb., RP-I-A-20-G-1
416310Extinguisher, 20 lb., RP-I-K-20-G