Fire Safety in Retail Stores & Malls

Fire Safety in Retail Stores & Malls

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Fire safety in retail centers is regulated at the federal, state, and local levels. Certain type of businesses like malls also have added fire safety requirements. Keeping up with these legal requirements can be difficult and very time consuming. We can help!

At Fire Safety Supply, we can provide you a list of required fire safety equipment, install them, maintain and inspect them on a set schedule, and even train your employees on how to use them in case of an emergency.


Our trained staff can come to your school to do a full review of the fire safety equipment currently in place and assess the weakness points in your building or office. We then provide you a report of recommendations to improve fire prevention and protection. With our 25+ years of experience we can make sure your office, business, or building is up to fire codes. All our inspections and services are done per NFPA 25 and CCR Title 19 specifications.


We sell various types of fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment, alarms, and signage. We can also design, install, and maintain a fire suppression system and handle special hazard conditions.


We are fully trained in the ANSUL® Fire Simulator, a cutting-edge tool providing ultra-realistic. It is a hands-on fire extinguisher training. It is the next best thing to attending world-renowned ANSUL fire school because it challenges both veterans and first-time operators in a variety of situations. The patented system is versatile, easy to assemble and modular, allowing us to conduct classes in any area approximately 16 ft. x 10 ft. We can hold the training session at your school or in our training facility in Santa Rosa, whichever option is best for your staff.

We are currently providing training in the following counties. If you do not see your county listed, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

🔥 Alameda 🔥 Lake County 🔥 Mendocino County 🔥 Marin County 🔥 Napa County
🔥 Sonoma County 🔥 Solano County 🔥 San Mate 🔥 San Francisco 🔥 Contra Costa