Sentry Extinguisher Hanger Adaptor Improvement

The SENTRY® WALL ADAPTOR holds the extinguisher tighter to the wall. The hanger adaptor (Part No. 431646) is available in packages of 25 (includes 50 screws). We understand that with the array of wall hangers, hanger adaptors and extinguisher valves in the market; choosing the right parts can be confusing. The drawings provide examples of the various wall hanger and adaptors available through ANSUL.

Hanger Adaptor 431646 can be used to provide a snug fit on the (former slotted style) wall hanger 16819, 2529, and 30643.
Hanger Adaptor 428802 (25PKW/screws) can be used to adapt the old SENTRY units SY-0241, SY-0242, SY-0243 to Wall Hanger 21873.
Hanger Adaptor 428802 (25 PKW/screws) can be used to adapt the current SENTRY units to the Wo2-1 Wall Hanger 430056.
Hanger Adaptor 428802 (25PKW/screws) can be used to adapt the SENTRY 20lb Dry Chemical and Cleanguard 9lb and 13lb units to the WO2-1 Wall Hanger 430056.