Spill Gun Applicator Parts

MODELS SC-30-A, SC-30-C, SC-30-SSpill-GunApplicatorSC-30-ASC-30-CSC-30-S

Fig No
DescriptionPart No
1Cartridge w/Cap, N2, LT-30-R5373
2Cartridge Shipping Cap, RH77251
3Cartridge Receiver, CR24449
4Cap, Rubber1057
5Gasket, Cartridge Receiver181
6Link, Cartridge Receiver1068
7Puncture Lever, CR17915
8Spring Pin, Link to Puncture Lever4108
9Spring Pin, Puncture Lever to Puncture Pin4109
10Puncture Pin25305
11Retaining Ring1903
12Rivet, Link to Cartridge Receiver6286
13Cartridge Guard, Composite418026
14Carrying Handle, CR17902
15Carrying Handle Rivet1265
16Carrying Handle Spring2902
17Fill Cap w/Indicator, CR422808
18Gasket, Fill Cap6190
19Quad Ring, Fill Cap6273
20Cap, Plastic17633
21Stem, Indicator27648
22Quad Ring17630
23Retaining Ring1239
24Hanger Hook3651
25Hose w/Couplings, CR24451
27Inspection Seal, Visual15999
28Nameplace, Operating, ReplacementN/A
29Nameplate, Maintenance, Replacement w/o ULN/A
30Nozzle Assembly30818
31Nozzle Plunger56117
32O-Ring, Nozzle Assembly3469
33Rivet, Nozzle Handle3621
34Handle, Nozzle Assembly, CR423461
35Spring, Nozzle Handle419422
36Caplug (2)25154
37Tip, Nozzle Assembly30791
38Gas Tube Assembly6320
39Hose Seal (Pkg of 30)415661
40Retaining Ring (Pkg of 50)415857
Extinguisher Weather Cover (Not Shown)67638
Gasket Kit (Quad Ring, Flat Gasket, Hose O-Ring415878
Hose Inspection Seal Kit (Seal & Retainer Clip)426689