Spill-Gun Chemical Agent Applicators


The SC-30 SPILL-GUN® applicator employs technology based on our 50 years of experience in the fire protection industry. It is a rugged easy-to-use unit that can be recharged in the field. The units are available for the acid, caustic, or solvent SPILL-X® agents and are designed to apply the agent from a distance of 10-12 ft which provides the user with an additional safety factor. The SPILL-GUN® applicator can treat up to a 3-gallon spill which is equivalent to about a 100 ft2spill.

The chemical agents are trademarked under the name SPILL-X® . SPILL-X-A® agent is an acid neutralizer specifically formulated to treat spills of mineral and organic acids. SPILL-X-A® agent has been shown to be highly effective at neutralizing and solidifying spills of many types of acids including, but not limited to: sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, perchloric, formic, hydrofluoric, acetic, and adipic.

SPILL-X-C® agent is a product specifically formulated to treat caustic and organic bases. SPILL-X-C® agent is effective in neutralizing and solidifying many caustics, including, but not limited to: sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, aniline, diethylamine, potassium hydroxide, morpholine and hydrazine. SPILL-X-S® agent is a product used to treat many common hydrocarbon solvents and fuel spills. The technology used with this proprietary carbonaceous material is that of adsorption. SPILL-X-S® agent, when properly applied to a solvent spill, can rapidly adsorb the spill, contain it, and reduce the vapor release which is extremely important for all solvents, particularly those which are flammable or toxic.